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Laser Engraved Name Badges Round Shape

Our laser engraved round shape name badges are engraved using a precission laser engraver. Engraved at 600dpi, ensures that you get razor sharp text & high  quality images. Think of the possibilities to create truly unique badges to represent you business or company. For bulk orders order the required quantity and upload your artwork / name list from the order form. Note: images and logos should be in black & white only, with no shading.

Sizes Available are 50mm diameter and 33mm diameter.

Our name round shape badges are available with a choice of clips:-

pin-sample.jpg tie-clipt-sample.jpg bulldog-clip-sample.jpg magnet-sample.jpg swivel-clip-sample.jpg
This is the most common clip. Perfect for wearing on a tie. This is the best choice for shirt pockets. The magnetic clip lets you attach you badge to any part of you clothing without piercing your clothing.

This is similar to the bulldog clip with the advantage of being able to be turned. This lets you clip your name badge to your pocket, or turn the clip to 90 degrees.


Click on a Name Badge below with the required clip style for pricing or to order

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