Custom Framed Name Badges

Framed Name Badges

Our framed name badges are the same as our standard full name badges with the exception that they are mounted in a plastic frame. The frame adds an attractive border to the badge for a bolder appearance, the same a picture frame does to a painting. Not only does the frame add a border to the badge, but it also makes the badge stronger and more rigid. The frames are available in three colours. All Black & Black with a Gold rim.

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Custom Framed Name Badges

   Clip Styles 

clip-pin.jpg magnet-clip-sample.jpg clip-bulldog-sample.jpg clip-swivel-sample.jpg
This is the most common clip.

The magnetic clip lets you attach your
badge to any part of your clothing without
piercing your clothing.

This is the best choice for shirt pockets.

This is similar to the bulldog clip with the
advantage of being able to be turned.
This lets you clip your name badge
to your pocket, or turn the clip to
90 degrees to clip it elsewhere. 

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