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Dog with pet tagPet tags for dogs and cats

Don't let your pet get lost. Pet tags are immediately visible to anyone who finds your pet wandering. Unlike microchip, the person finding your pet does not need to take it to a veterinarian to find who the owner is. With a pet tag, you can be informed immediately once your pet is found. On our tags, you get your name, pet's name, phone number, address, or even an email address.

BadgeStore offer both engraved anodised aluminium and stainless steel tags for pets with a selection of shapes, colours and sizes such as bone, heart, oval or round shape. The Pet tag is supplied with a free split ring to allow you to attach it to your pet's collar easily. Out tags are engraved by laser to give a precise, easy to read tag.

Pet Tags That Are Both Cute and Affordable!

At Badge Store's Custom Pet ID Tags Australia, we have customisable engraved pet tags available for online orders! Purchase the tag that best suits your pet and meets your needs. There's a variety of colours and shapes to choose from, including bone, oval, and heart-shaped tags. With our selection in size and style, you don't have to worry about the tag being uncomfortable for your furry friend.

Engraved Pet Tags Help Pets Get Home Safely

Thousands of pets go missing in Australia every year. Many end up in pounds, with only a small percentage being returned to their owners. Though there are methods such as microchipping and improved fencing that can help protect your pet, one of the most efficient and affordable ways to ensure their safety is purchasing an engraved ID tag with your contact information. This way, whoever finds your pet won't have to decide whether or not to scour the web for missing pet posts or visit a veterinarian to see about microchipping. All they'll have to do is look at your pet's tag and call you!

Customising Your Tag

You can have whatever you'd like engraved on your pet's ID tag. This includes your pet's name, your name, your phone number, address, and email address in whatever combination you'd prefer. With our customisable options, our tag can function as both a way to be contacted if your pet gets lost and simultaneously as an adorable name tag! With our high-quality materials, including anodised aluminium and stainless steel, and precise laser engraving, we can offer you and your pet an affordable product with both the style and peace of mind that you both deserve.

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