Metal Name Badges

Metal Name Badges

Our aluminium badges are available in many colours.

Gloss Gold, Gloss Green, Gloss Red, Gloss Blue, Matt Bronze, White, Brushed Silver & Brushed Gold.

We can print your design in any colour on these badges.

As these badges are made from aluminium, not only look great, but they are extremely durable.

Prices can be viewed on the product page below
The badge size is 76mm x 25mm and are available with a variety of clips.
clip-pin.jpg magnet-clip-sample.jpg clip-bulldog-sample.jpg clip-swivel-sample.jpg
This is the most common clip.

The magnetic clip lets you attach your
badge to any part of your clothing without
piercing your clothing.

This is the best choice for shirt pockets.

This is similar to the bulldog clip with the
advantage of being able to be turned.
This lets you clip your name badge
to your pocket, or turn the clip to
90 degrees to clip it elsewhere. 

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